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A panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe agreed that despite President Donald Trump’s remarks on condemning white supremacy and hatred in the United States, that he will not take action and will not recognize the threat of “white supremacist terrorism.”

Daily Beast politics editor Sam Stein began the segment discussing how an Obama-era report warned of rising right-wing extremism. Stein said that the Obama administration apologized for the report, which was criticized by Republicans, but he believed that the administration should have stood behind their report instead of issuing an apology.

Republican strategist Susan Del Percio responded, saying, “But why would we expect anything different from this president who has a full report saying Russia was involved in our elections?” She continued, “He refuses to acknowledge that. You think he’s going to start recognizing the fact that ‘white supremacist terrorism’ exists especially when it’s connected to his hateful speech? It won’t happen.” Del Percio admitted that any legislation on adding white supremacy into the definition of domestic terrorism would probably be conducted at the state level, not in Congress.

Several of the panelists agreed with her statements, such as Stein and co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

However, Del Percio’s statement is not only hypothetical but misleading. She cited a report on the 2016 elections interference investigation to try to validate her overall point, which was that she did not believe that Trump’s actions will change. But in citing the Russia report, she did not validate her argument because the Russia report did not have much in common with Trump’s condemnation of white supremacy and recognizing white supremacy as domestic terrorism. Instead, her statement was pure opinion without facts to back it up.

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