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Morning Joe Offers No Conservative Panelists to Counter Trump Critic

MSNBC’s Morning Joe, in a conversation [1]with an anti-Trump evangelical author, had no conservative Trump supporters (evangelical or otherwise) to counter critic Ben Howe, who made explosive accusations against conservative Christians who support the president.

“Ben Howe is a conservative believer yet in his new book, ‘The Immoral Majority,’ he shines a light on what he considers the ‘moral flexibility’ that many in the religious right have for the president,” MSNBC wrote to promoted its video.

Howe reported his father was an evangelical pastor, thus allowing him the ability to speak on God’s behalf by claiming that evangelicals are “using the Lord’s name in vain” by supporting Trump.

On immigration policy, Howe said Christian Trump supporters have a “fundamental misunderstanding of what God asks of his people,” again claiming to speak for God.