Accuracy in Media

On Monday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe” ran a misleading segment about national sentiment about President Donald Trump’s approval rating and also failed to mention the accuracy of most national polling in the mainstream media during the 2016 election that failed to predict President Trump’s victory.

“Trump has ‘never been happier,’ yet poll numbers shrink,” the MSNBC website later stated with the accompanying Morning Joe video. “Over the holiday weekend and following the release of the Mueller report, the president tweeted he’d never been happier. Yet the president’s job approval numbers have sunk to 37 percent in the latest Ipsos/Reuters poll. The panel discusses.”

The segment focused on the Reuters-Ipsos polling that showed a -19 spread between approval (37 percent) and disapproval (56 percent) of the Trump presidency. Yet a national RealClearPolitics average of multiple polling data shows a much smaller spread of just -8.8, a figure that could very well fail to capture respondents who–like in the 2016 election–were afraid to truly voice their opinion to pollsters from liberal outlets like the Economist and liberal-dominant universities.


Regardless, the panel was more than happy to bash the president, with guest Jon Meacham — who recently floated a conspiracy theory about Trump — saying that the president is nowhere near “the topography of normalcy.”

“He feels guilty,” Meacham psychoanalyzed, despite his lack of psychiatric credentialing. “He’s someone who feels he has done something illegitimate to win power, and instead of boldly moving forward, he is obsessed with that past. And maybe that’s wrong, but it’s as plausible anything else, it seems to me.”

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