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Michael Bloomberg 2020 Speculation Highlights DNC Primary Issues

Many Democratic strategists and some in the mainstream media agreed that former vice president Joe Biden would run away with the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party, therefore gaining the right to challenge incumbent President Donald Trump in 2020.

However, Biden’s fundraising woes, campaign trail gaffes, and past statements on busing and other race-related issues have weighed his campaign down. Biden’s campaign struggles led to a vacuum within the primary field, one which Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) seek the capitalize on.

Now, there apparently will be another wrench thrown into the 2020 campaign cycle: the possible entrance of billionaire, political activist and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. The reason behind the timing is that Alabama has an early filing deadline for presidential candidates.

Bloomberg is estimated to have wealth worth about $52 billion and will plan on self-funding his presidential campaign, while the rest of the DNC primary field focuses on fundraising.

But why is Bloomberg expected to file for a presidential campaign? Axios wrote [1] that Bloomberg “increasingly became concerned that all the leading Democrats have weaknesses Trump could exploit in the general election.” A CNN analysis said that Bloomberg fears a Warren nomination, due to her progressive policies and rhetoric, and that his “candidacy is born of the perceived weakness of Biden’s run.” NBC News’s article said [2] that his “rationale for getting in the race now would be that the field of Democrats isn’t strong enough to beat President Donald Trump.”

Bloomberg’s potential candidacy appears to be a lock, although the corresponding paperwork has not been filed yet. But the announcement came due to the Democratic Party’s divisive and crowded primary field. If the DNC primary did not feature a stark contrast of ideology, between the more moderate Biden campaign and the progressive Sanders and Warren campaigns, Bloomberg would have most likely sat out of the 2020 primary.

Because Bloomberg allegedly perceived Warren’s progressivism as a threat to American capitalism, and combined with Biden’s weak fundraising and polling, he felt the need to announce he is planning to run for president. Bloomberg’s announcement exposed the weak primary field for the Democratic Party, if not Biden’s weakness, and it will make the 2020 primary race much more interesting. The mainstream media will not openly blame the DNC primary field for Bloomberg’s entrance into the race, but the reality is that the DNC primary field is not as strong as the party would have hoped.