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Mic conflates post-9/11 security measures and Islamophobia in a new article looking back on the past 20 years.

Such measures have targeted all Americans, while more recent measures have targeted white conservative men and other would-be domestic terrorists.

“[T]he federal government has built on centuries of white supremacy and anti-Black Islamophobia to target Muslim communities through every avenue,” the article says, eager to intersect Islamophobia with anti-Black racism. It claims with little to no evidence that Black Muslims “were seen as domestic radicals” before 9/11. So apparently all Muslims were dismissed as radical terrorists not only after 9/11, but before then too.

That’s because “xenophobia has always played a huge role in the United States,” according to Mic. But the U.S. is arguably the world’s immigration capital, with every American – except for Native Americans – able to trace their lineage to another country.

“The Patriot Act made life hell for many Muslims,” Mic opines in direct opposition to the facts. 

“Section 102 of the USA PATRIOT Act specifically condemns acts of violence or discrimination against all Americans, including Arab Americans and Muslim Americans and Americans from South Asia,” attorney Craig Morford said in 2004. “It directs that their civil rights and civil liberties be protected and that every effort be taken to preserve their safety.”

The Patriot Act didn’t make life hell for many Muslims, although there’s a case to be made that it hasn’t been good for Americans in general. 20 years after 9/11, Muslims are a protected class in President Joe Biden’s America and even abroad as well. U.S. taxpayer dollars paid for the American weaponry that the Taliban seized. State Department spokesman Ned Price has expressed the possibility of recognizing the Taliban – a radical terrorist organization – as a legitimate government.

Mic also discusses the Department of Homeland Security.

“In recent years, DHS has funded Muslim surveillance programming like Countering Violent Extremism — rebranded as the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships under President Biden,” it says. The current supposed threat to Muslims – the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships – is actually a political tool to monitor and suppress right-wing violence.

On its official website, the Center states its commitment to fighting domestic terrorism in light of the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, as if it was prompted solely by the events of that day. The United States Capitol Police is establishing regional offices in Tampa and San Francisco “to investigate threats to Members of Congress,” then-acting USCP Chief Yogananda Pittman said. Don’t count on your taxpayer dollars funding investigations into any Democratic threats to Republican Congressmen.


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