Accuracy in Media, a news startup geared toward young people, bills itself as “diverse perspectives that challenge conventional thinking and give voice to the underrepresented.”

But Bridey Heing’s reporting for failed to fulfill this mission in her article “Behind the scenes, Mike Pence’s quiet push to end abortion and limit women’s rights is succeeding”.

Heing interviewed only pro-abortion sources, including National Organization for Women and NARAL Pro-Choice America, without giving voice to any anti-abortion women, despite the vast majority of Americans supporting some form of restrictions on abortion.

“Pence, though he appears to take a back seat to the president in the public eye, has been quietly exerting political influence within the Trump administration, particularly when it comes to outlawing abortion and limiting women’s rights,” Heing wrote.

“As governor of Indiana, Pence began enacting at the state level the same kinds of policies he had sought at the federal level, the most famous of which was the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a bill he signed into law in 2015 amid national criticism. The bill was promoted as protecting religious freedom, but in practice it allowed businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ customers.”

Heing fails to mention that similar bills like those in Indiana have been championed and voted for by Democrats like former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D.-N.Y.).

“Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey, president of the progressive Religious Institute, told Mic that Pence’s worldview isn’t much different from that of other politicians on the religious right. ‘I just know that his stated goal is to instate that worldview as policy and law,’ she said. ‘It’s one thing to be guided by your views, it’s another to make your religious beliefs law in your country … There is no science behind what they are doing. For religious people and people of faith, this is where our issue is. You are actively harming people by not allowing them to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions.’”

Heing’s reporting also failed to acknowledge part of why Trump won: to challenge conventional thinking about the science behind abortion (as described by pro-life Sen. Ben Sasse, for example) and give voice to those underrepresented by the mainstream media.


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