Accuracy in Media

As the Biden administration continues to fumble the ball at the southern border, there is one constituency that the Democrats can always count on to be supportive: the media.

USA Today helped the administration today by putting out the media’s equivalent of a white paper– now called an “explainer” –that strongly defends the chaos as illegal immigrants continue to flee their own countries for the safety and prosperity of America.

The problem says USA Today, is that the Trump administration forcibly separated children from their parents, whereas today, children are just showing up by themselves at the border.

“Migrant children today,” says USA Today, “are arriving alone as a choice by their family to send them across the border without parents, often with siblings or other family members, with the goal of reuniting later.”

But that is because immigrants are not as stupid as the media and the administration would like us to think they are.

Taking a cue from the double-standard the media imposed on the Trump administration, those who are orchestrating the arrival of immigrants understand that the key to allowing the administration to act as a Ways and Means committee for immigration-on-demand is using children as cover.

Hype up, for example, the devastating effects of children all alone at the border when Republicans are in charge, just like USA Today did in 2019.

“In my 22 years of doing visits with children in detention I have never heard of this level of inhumanity,” Holly Cooper, who co-directs the University of California, Davis’ Immigration Law Clinic and represents detained youth told USA Today when Trump was president.

And hype up the instantly compassionate approach that Biden administration – apparently–takes towards kids today.  

“Advocates who have visited emergency intake facilities sheltering tender age children said the children appear to be well taken care of. But the longer the children are kept in custody, the more detrimental it becomes for the minors, advocates said,” USA Today explained in today’s explainer.

Just like the anchor-baby argument, the tactic is just a media device to disguise the bigger problem.

The Democrats, it seems, are prepared to fight against anyone, using any means necessary, in order to surrender the southern border to immigration-on-demand, whether legal or illegal.

And with the major media, like USA Today, confidently running cover for the Democrats over the border issues, can you really blame them?  

For them, the caravans of immigrants are a crisis when Republicans are in charge and a victory parade when Democrats rule the roost.

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