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Media Unloads on CNN Over New Hire

CNN hired a longtime Republican political operative [1] to run its 2020 presidential campaign coverage.

According to the Daily Beast, members of the mainstream media are not in favor. [1]

Sarah Isgur, who served as main spokesman for the Department of Justice under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions [2], was hired to shape the campaign coverage at CNN and to occasionally appear on air.

“Isgur’s LinkedIn page indicates she has no journalism experience,” Vox wrote [3] in “CNN hires GOP operative with no journalism experience to coordinate its 2020 coverage.

“She has, however, worked for a variety of right-wing organizations and campaigns, including the Carly Fiorina and Mitt Romney presidential bids, the Republican National Committee, and a Ted Cruz U.S. Senate campaign.”

Rupar does not explain [3] how working for Fiorina or Romney, both viewed as moderates, or the Republican National Committee, constitutes working for “right-wing organizations and campaigns.”

The left was not all that happy with CNN in 2016 because of “the mainstream media’s fixation on Hillary Clinton’s emails, among other issues,” and her hiring “sparked concerns about the direction CNN is taking heading into 2020,” Rupar wrote [3].

Christopher Ingraham, a data reporter for the Washington Post, tweeted [4]: “The thing that’s so damaging about this defense [by Brian Stelter of CNN … that “the more viewpoints represented in newsrooms, the better”] is that it fuels the perception that media is primarily a partisan endeavor. Lots of individual journalists – and entire organizations – bend over backward to ensure this isn’t the case. Then something like this happens.”

Rupar also quoted a tweet from Elise Foley [5], an editor at HuffPost: “Wonder how CNN’s coverage of immigration and race issues will be affected by JEFF SESSIONS’ FORMER SPOKESWOMAN coordinating their 2020 coverage.”

CNN has not said why it hired Isgur [3], but Rupar said the reason was obvious [3].

“It stands to reason that CNN sees hiring a conservative as a way to push back on the perception that it’s biased against Trump. Unsurprisingly, news of her hire was applauded by at least one right-wing voice.”

He then admits he doesn’t think conservatives should be able to work at CNN. “Hiring a conservative journalist for a political editor role would be one thing,” Rupar wrote [3]. “But a dive into Isgur’s social media presence suggests her lack of fitness for her new role goes deeper than mere politics.”

Rupar later quoted [3] a tweet in which Isgur called CNN the Clinton News Network. He cited another in which she wrote, “Obama Admin is ‘the new Nixon admin when it comes to bullying, withholding info and targeting enemies,’” with a link to a Politico story. “Isgur was not a fan of Obama, who she compared to Richard Nixon, and blamed him for problems he had nothing to do with.”

Rupar does not say how Obama could’ve had nothing to do with his administration withholding information, bugging reporters and intimidating enemies.