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The mainstream media published articles and analyses on Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade’s interview with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, which was a stark contrast to its past coverage of Reade’s allegations.

Reade sat down with Kelly on her YouTube channel and discussed more in-depth about her sexual assault allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Reade declined interviews with CNN and Fox News over safety concerns, settling on Kelly as her interviewer and platform to discuss her allegations more in-depth.

At the time of the alleged assault in 1993, she was working as one of Biden’s Senate aides. Kelly asked Reade pointed questions about her intentions of making these allegations public long after the alleged incident, her potential political motivations, and whether she wanted an apology from Biden. Reade told Kelly that she wants to see Biden drop out of the 2020 race.

Fox News, CNN, Washington Post and USA Today published articles on Reade’s interview with Kelly, which demonstrated a recent trend of more media coverage of her allegations.

For months, the mainstream media sparsely covered Reade’s allegations. FiveThirty Eight reported that CNN mentioned Reade 35 times in its news coverage, compared to Fox News mentioning Reade’s name 371 times. MSNBC, another mainstream media outlet, “barely mentioned” Reade’s name. Conservative media “accounted for most early coverage” of Reade’s allegations when compared to the mainstream media.

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