Accuracy in Media

While mainstream journalists devoted much time and resources to cover the ongoing Mueller investigation and Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, the media is starting to recognize the disconnect between their agenda and voters. Journalists are noting through reporting on polling and interviews with voters that the American people have either moved on or never cared in the first place.

A headline in The Atlantic leading up to the testimony read, “Washington can’t wait for Mueller. Voters have moved on.” 

The Washington Times reported comments from a Democratic presidential hopeful: “Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Voters don’t care about Mueller report.”

The Hill interviewed pollster Emily Ekins and reported that “Many Americans ‘just don’t care that much’ about Trump investigations, says pollster”.

Newsweek noted: “Who really cares about the Mueller report? New poll finds one-third of voters don’t even know who William Barr is”.

A recent Bloomberg headline: “Real people never cared about the Mueller report”

Vice said, “A surprising number of people don’t seem to care about the Mueller report”.

USA Today reported: “As the Mueller report looms, Democrats find voters would rather talk ‘kitchen-table’ issues”.

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