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We all know that exactly the same thing can be good or bad depending upon when it’s done. Laughing at a joke is good clean fun, giggling at a funeral is frowned upon. It’s rarer that something is a good thing when done by one person, bad when done by another. 

But then we also know that according to the American media President Donald Trump was a bad person, doing bad things, and President Joe Biden is a good one doing good. This is what explains these differences over their appointments of judges.

One of the jobs of the president is to choose the Federal judges who are then confirmed by Congress.  Trump did an efficient job at this and that was, according to Vox, very bad: “after Trump’s defeat, Biden is forced to share power with increasingly partisan judges,” “In just four years as president, Trump remade the federal judiciary,” and “Trump appointed a third of the Supreme Court and nearly a third of all active appeals court judges” — this all being very bad, very bad indeed. 

Trump took seriously, and was efficient at, one of his jobs, appointing people to the Federal judiciary. This is, as above, bad. 

Biden, on the other hand, is being praised for being efficient in appointing people to the Federal judiciary by NPR: “Biden had a good year picking federal judges,” “President Biden has gotten a group of 40 federal judges confirmed in the Senate this year, the most for a new president since the Reagan era,” and “The effort to identify judge candidates started a year ago, even before Biden took the oath of office.” This is all good, very good, because of course it is.

For when President (D) appoints judges it is good, when President (R) appoints judges it is not. And to think that some say the American media is not biased at all.

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