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Nancy Pelosi has caved on funding for a wall along the Mexican border, and the mainstream media not only refuses to acknowledge it, some have even tried to make it look as if President Trump is the loser in this deal.

After saying “Have I not been clear on the wall? I’ve been very clear,” as recently as Jan. 25, the speaker has backtracked significantly in recent days and now appears willing to support any legislation that emerges from the House-Senate negotiations that are attempting to find a compromise before current government funding legislation expires Feb. 15 – even if that legislation includes all $5.7 billion President Trump has requested for a wall.

“Pelosi Says She Will Back a Bipartisan Border Deal, Putting the Onus on Trump,” read the headline over Emily Cochrane’s story in the New York Times.

Pelosi said on Wednesday “she would be willing to endorse any bipartisan border security agreement that emerges from House-Senate negotiations, leaving the success of those talks largely hinging on President Trump’s endorsement,” Cochrane wrote.

She does not acknowledge that, given remarks in Trump’s State of the Union speech that he continued to insist on his $5.7 billion for a wall and that the bipartisan talks are a “waste of time” unless they include the full amount in wall funding, this means Pelosi, in essence, has agreed to wall funding.

Instead, it tried to put Trump on the defensive, pointing out Pelosi told Vice President Mike Pence at the speech on Tuesday that she “hoped the White House would adhere to ‘the same hands-off policy’” she has and “let the bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers come to their conclusion ahead of the Feb. 5 deadline to keep the government fully funded.”

If that wasn’t enough, it quoted Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill. “They don’t rule out barriers, they don’t rule out fences, but technology was their first priority.”

Vice News let down the guard even further in “Democrats Are Starting to Flex a Little on ‘Barrier’ Funding – Just Don’t Call It A Wall,” by Matt Laslo.

“If reaching a deal on border security was tough before this week’s State of the Union address, it didn’t get any easier after President Trump blasted Democrats and rallied his base with a fearmongering case for the wall,” Laslo wrote.

…”And yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to have softened her stance from last week when she said, ‘There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation,’ which sounded like a bright red line.”

More significantly: “Asked Wednesday if she’d put an agreement that did include border wall funding on the House floor, she denied Democratic leaders had ever drawn a line. ‘I don’t think we did at all. I said I will support the bipartisan agreement that comes from the Appropriations Committee. Left to their own devices, if they have a bipartisan agreement, I will support it.’”

It quoted Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, whose district abuts the Mexican border, saying “There are certain people who are going to say, ‘We want $5.7 billion for a wall’ – it’s not going to happen. That’s off completely.”

But it also quoted Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., another member of the bipartisan committee, saying, “I cannot see anything coming out of conference committee that does not include barrier funding.”

Politico reported on a meeting between the bipartisan committee and Border Patrol officials, who told the group the $5.7 billion in wall funding is needed to secure the border. Committee members signaled the role this had played in their deliberations with their comments.

“I would say we’ve got a much better chance today than we had Monday to reach some kind of resolution on this,” said Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., the chairman of the Appropriations Committee. “We’re dealing in substance now – something we haven’t done before.”

Responded Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., “We had a meeting this morning where we didn’t learn anything.”

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