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by a Muslim Democrat, members of the Federal Communications Commission, and
Bill Moyers, Phil Donahue, and Dan Rather, a well-funded campaign to move the
media in a more left-wing direction will gather in Minneapolis from June 6-8. Thousands of
“progressive” activists are expected to attend. Accuracy in Media will cover
the event.

recently achieved notoriety for using his public television program to give a
national platform to Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor Jeremiah
Wright, while Donahue, who began his career as a tabloid TV talk-show host,
recently completed an anti-Iraq War film. Donahue and his former MSNBC
sidekick, Jeff Cohen, the founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting who is
now a university professor, continue to travel around the country insisting
that the media are too right-wing.

Rather, of course, is the disgraced former CBS Evening News anchorman who used
phony documents in an effort to smear President Bush before the 2004 election.
He left CBS News and sued the network after this debacle, claiming he was
treated unfairly. Rather now anchors “Dan
Rather Reports”
on a little-watched cable channel, HDNet.

Rather is appearing on a panel at the National Conference for Media Reform that
is supposed to unveil a “Big Media Hall of Shame.” Presumably, the inductees
will be conservative media voices.

the opening session of the conference, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mn.), the first
Muslim elected to Congress, will discuss the “opportunity to wrest control of
media access and distribution from the few to the many,” according to the
official conference program. This is liberal doublespeak for using the power of
the federal government to hand over more media properties to liberals.

as the Moyers example suggests, they already have access, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers,
to 350 television stations affiliated with the Public Broadcasting Service. The
860 stations affiliated with National Public Radio are also regarded as
reliable outlets for liberal or “progressive” opinion. Pacifica Radio, an
openly “progressive” radio network, includes five stations owned by the
Pacifica Foundation, one associate station, and 132 affiliates. Pacifica has also
received taxpayer funding.

addition, they have MSNBC, the evening news programs of the three broadcasting
networks, and most of the national press.

the conference has the support of AM 950, KNTF, “The Voice of
Minnesota,” which is a home for Air America Radio, the liberal network that
went through bankruptcy and was bailed out by a wealthy liberal family that
includes former Democratic politician Mark Green.

this is not enough media control and reach to satisfy them. The “progressives”
are angry that since the deregulation of the media, beginning in the 1980s, the
liberal media monopoly has been challenged and that talk radio and cable news
have found that there is a receptive audience for conservative

order to counter this conservative trend, “progressive” groups have proposed to
stop the process of media deregulation, which included the FCC’s decision to
abolish the Fairness Doctrine, and force broadcasters to limit or even
eliminate airtime for conservatives and put more left-wingers on the air.   

AIM has documented in the book, “The Death of Talk Radio?,” and in a TV advertisement, the movement to control the content of the media is
a real danger to the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech. But the
Broadcaster Freedom Act, which would stop the return of the Fairness Doctrine,
is being bottled up by congressional liberals, who don’t want it to come up for
a vote.

a result, if Obama captures the White House and gets the opportunity to appoint
the FCC chairman, liberals would then have a 3-2 majority capable of bringing
back the Fairness Doctrine through administrative action, without the need for
congressional approval. A new Fairness Doctrine could be challenged in the
courts but the U.S. Supreme Court previously upheld it. In the meantime, as
court battles proceed, conservatives could be forced off the air by liberal FCC
bureaucrats exercising arbitrary power in the name of fairness.

potential danger has already been dramatized by the coordinated effort of the
radical Muslim group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) to force
conservative broadcaster Michael Savage off the air through an advertiser
boycott. With a federal Fairness Doctrine in place, these groups could go
straight to the FCC with their complaints and get bureaucrats to fine, punish
or revoke the licenses of conservative broadcasters. Conservative complaints
about liberal media bias would, of course, be dismissed out of hand.   

Ominously, one of the featured speakers at the National Conference
for Media Reform is Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND), a prominent opponent of media
deregulation who backs Barack Obama for president. Dorgan wants more FCC
oversight over and control of the media.

serious, a session on “Standing Up Against Hate Speech” in the media will
feature Mark Kappelhoff, Chief of the Criminal
Section of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, and
representatives of various Hispanic and civil rights organizations. Their task
will be, according to the conference program, to use the “verifiable data that
links hate speech to hate crimes” and come up with “strategies and solutions”
to muzzle or remove offending radio and TV hosts and programs from the air.
They usually define “hate speech” as being commentary or news coverage that is
critical of illegal aliens or minority groups. Indeed, the term “illegal alien”
is even considered to be offensive.

Of particular interest is the panel, “Media Policy in a New
Congress and Administration,” featuring two members of the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC), Jonathan S. Adelstein and Michael J. Copps,
with comments also from Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.). Doyle was among the liberal
politicians who erroneously accused conservative radio talk-show host Rush
Limbaugh in a piece of legislation (H. Con. Res. 221) of calling combat troops
opposed to the Iraq War “phony soldiers.” The bill reflects the intent of
liberal legislators to monitor and control the content of what is said on the

“Holding local broadcast stations accountable at the FCC” is the
name of another panel at the Minneapolis

In one of the most bizarre panels and workshops, “Owning Our Own
and Reaching the Masses,” somebody who goes by the name “” of a hip-hop
group called “dead prez” is one of the listed speakers. One of the group’s
songs is titled, “Revolutionary But Gangsta,” and their website features an
obscene gesture. is supposed to be an expert on the dangers of
“corporate media.”

Randall Pinkston of CBS News will be appearing on a panel devoted
to how the FCC can “put consumer and citizen interests first,” while another
session is on “Purple Politics Coverage of LGBT Issues in the Media.” LGBT
refer to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. One of the panel members is
from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which exists to silence
criticism of the homosexual lifestyle in the media.

Some of the financial support for the conference is being
concealed under a reference in the conference guide to anonymous “public
charities, private foundations and individual donors,” but in the past the
event has been generously subsidized by the Open Society Institute of leftist
billionaire George Soros, another Obama supporter.

This year, the official conference sponsor, known as the “Free Press,” acknowledges funders that include the Wallace Global Fund, an entity named
after Henry A. Wallace, the “progressive” former vice-president under FDR who
was dumped from the ticket and was ostracized even by Democrats at the time for
his pro-communist views.

The 2007 National Conference for Media Reform, also covered by Accuracy in Media, included
members of the Revolutionary Communist party and other Marxist groups.

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