Accuracy in Media

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Apple and Facebook sent officials to promote improvements and changes to their privacy protocols and policies.

However, their claims were met with skepticism, if not outright dismissal, by the media.

CNN published an article headlined, “Apple returns to CES to talk privacy, not products,” and called out the company’s hypocrisy on user privacy and user data storage. The cable news outlet noted that this year was” the first time in 28 years” that Apple had participated in the annual technology conference and that it used the opportunity to promote privacy and not a specific product. CNN pointed out Apple’s multiple privacy issues, such as permitting contractors to listen to user’s voice commands without telling users about it and changing its opt-in policy.

The Washington Post’s headline was, “At CES, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are preaching privacy. Don’t believe the hype.” The article echoed similar concerns as CNN did, such as Big Tech promoting their improvements in privacy policy without acknowledging past mistakes and missteps on privacy.

Forbes’s article had one of the more telling headlines, which read, “Apple, Facebook Sing From The Same Consumer Privacy Songbook At CES.” Forbes found it “astonishing” that Apple and Facebook, which had long “sparr[ed] over privacy,” were speaking in similar terms when it came to user privacy. Instead of highlighting how both companies were different or poking fun at each other, representatives from Apple and Facebook emphasized the importance of respecting user privacy. The article brought up the important points of whether both companies were genuine and whether they were in lockstep on privacy.

The media’s skepticism of Apple and Facebook promoting improvements to their user privacy policies was a demonstration of solid, impartial, and fact-finding journalism. Too often has the media sided with specific ideologies or special interests, but when it came to Big Tech’s claims about privacy, it did a stand-up and admirable job in exposing Big Tech’s hypocrisy.

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