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The wall-to-wall media coverage of the impeachment news surrounding President Donald Trump, members in his administration, Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, has ignored an important component of impeachment: who will succeed Trump if he is impeached?

The immediate answer is his vice president, former Indiana governor Mike Pence.

Yet this reality has escaped the mainstream media, outside of Politico. Politico published an article, headlined, “President Mike Pence? Trump’s half-joking fear bursts into view,” and it detailed how it could become a reality if impeachment is passed by both houses of Congress. The article discussed Pence’s loyalty to Trump and how Pence is allegedly jockeying for Trump’s endorsement for future presidential campaigns.

An internet search of mainstream media outlets and cable news network websites availed no results for articles or analyses of a potential President Mike Pence. Considering the serious ramifications of impeachment, it calls into question if the mainstream media is riding the coattails of the Democratic Party and not considering the consequences of impeachment on the country’s leadership at the top in the White House. It would be reasonable for the mainstream media to pump the rhetorical brakes and discuss what presidency under Mike Pence would look like to its audiences.

Considering Pence’s past political positions and his conservative Christian beliefs, it is easy to assume that the mainstream media would find an opportunity to criticize him before the possibility arises on him becoming President of the United States. For example, as governor, Pence was heavily criticized for his support of a religious freedom bill, which he and state lawmakers revisited to change it after public criticism.

For now, the media is narrowly focused on impeachment-related news without considering the ramifications of impeachment and who will take Trump’s place in the White House, which is a disservice to the American public.

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