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Much of media speculation about President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky focused on the Trump administration’s decision to move transcripts of the call to a classified government server.

Some media outlets claimed that due to this admission, the Trump administration is attempting to conceal Trump’s pressuring of a foreign leader to investigate the business ties of the Biden family to Ukraine.

But the White House said that lawyers from the National Security Council directed staffers to move the call to a classified information server — just like the Obama administration did with certain conversations that the Obama White House felt contained classified information.

Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice admitted at the Texas Tribune Festival that the Obama administration participated in the same practice of moving certain information to a classified server. She admitted that world leaders should expect “having a measure of full confidentiality” regarding their private conversations and that the Obama administration only did so when the content was “legitimately, in their contents, classified.” She added it was “very rare” that a conversation was “fully classified.” Also, Rice did not reveal to the audience what the Obama administration’s classified information standard was in order to give the American public a baseline on whether the Trump administration reached too far.

However, the mainstream media ignored Rice’s admission. Conservative media outlets covered her comments, such as The Federalist, Fox News, The Blaze, and Washington Examiner.

The mainstream media has to step up and accurately report both sides of the issue to better inform the American public. It is cherry-picking to criticize the Trump administration for specific conduct, but then ignore what the Obama administration did.

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