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On CNN, former White House communications director Jen Psaki openly criticized the current White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney after he last week’s press conference.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Psaki discussed “Ukrainian aid in exchange for an investigation into the 2016 election of DNC server.”

Psaki pushed back against Mulvaney, stating, “Well, first of all, it was complete malpractice to put Mick Mulvaney in that briefing and in the White House you discussion those decisions over and over again when you decided to put a Chief of Staff out.”

Psaki then added that the idea of “quid pro quo” – sometimes referred to in other words as business as usual.

Psaki said, “How it works, you use levers like if you do more work on human rights and you’re better on that, then we may unleash some more military assistance for you. That is the national interest of the United States, Using it in political – as a political cudgel is not normal and shouldn’t be accepted and I’m surprised that Republicans are agreeing to this.”

Despite Psaki not saying quid pro quo she did, in fact, say using “levers,” and getting one thing for another. Essentially a transactional process.

CNN did not mention or explain Mulvaney’s statement, which was released after last week’s briefing. In his statement he said his comments had been taken out of context. His letter describes how his comments on Ukraine were misconstrued.

Marissa Martinez is the founder of Strategic Rush, contributor for Accuracy in Media, The Hill, and Republican Strategist for PACs and congressional candidates. Follow her stories, @MarissaAlisa

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