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As Democratic Party congressional representatives are gearing up for the next phase in their impeachment proposals against President Donald Trump, various left-wing activist groups organized a pro-impeachment rally in the nation’s capital for this week. However, the event was a dud, as no one showed up for the scheduled rally.

According to the Daily Wire, the “Impeachment August” rally was scheduled for Monday, September 9 at 11 a.m. in the area outside of the House of Representatives side of the U.S. Capitol building. But not a single protester showed up to the protest.

The organization’s website noted the support of multiple left-wing activist groups, such as Indivisible (known for sending protesters to town halls), MoveOn, Need to Impeach, Stand Up America, March of Truth, By the People, Common Cause, Free Speech for People, Democracy for America, Progressive Democrats of America, Credo and Much of the rhetoric from the supporting organizations’ websites are left-wing and liberal in political rhetoric, often taking an anti-Trump stance in their public-facing content.

There was also an event listing on the popular event website Eventbrite, which echoed similar anti-Trump and left-wing rhetoric. Instead of a protest, it was a “March for Impeachment” event that was supposed to start at noon on the same day. The event called for a “SIT IN EVERY DAY on the Capitol lawn until Trump either resigns or is impeached by Congress!” The “March for Impeachment” event and sit-in protest were scheduled to go from Monday, September 9 until the end date on Friday, September 27.

Both the “Impeachment August” rally and sit-in protest lacked attendees. The rally was removed from the Impeachment August website and the website only includes future rallies and town hall locations.

This dud of an event got little media attention, outside of Breitbart News and the Daily Wire. The mainstream media ignored possible implications of the lackluster attendance, which is that grassroots activists may not be motivated enough to push for impeachment.

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