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In May, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced his bid for the presidency — and only worked seven hours on behalf of the city that month according to a New York Post report.

The New York Post said that De Blasio went to his office at city hall six times in May, attending two meetings and four events, and took five phone calls. One of the phone calls was a weekly WNYC radio appearance. Compare that schedule to May 2018, a year earlier, where he had “50 meetings, calls and other events at City Hall” on his mayoral calendar.

The mainstream media did not report on the news about De Blasio’s seven-hour work month, possibly due to his lagging poll numbers among the field of primary candidates. But it does not excuse the media from reporting on how a presidential candidate worked seven hours in a month for his day job, who happens to be the mayor of the highest populated city in the United States.

A search of mainstream media websites discovered no media mentions from CNN, CBS News, ABC News or NBC News on the news about De Blasio’s work hours in May. By comparison, multiple conservative media outlets such as Fox News, Washington Free Beacon, and Legal Insurrection published articles on the news.

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