Accuracy in Media

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) had to correct herself over the weekend when she mixed up two famous economists during a discussion on the social media platform Instagram. The mainstream media ignored the social media controversy, which involved Ocasio-Cortez mixing up John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman.

Keynes and Friedman were polar opposites in the field of economics. Friedman was a free-market economist and a 1976 Nobel Prize Winner, while Keynes was a British economist who theorized government spending was linked to a country’s economic growth.

Ocasio-Cortez combined their names into “Milton Keynes” in a discussion about the benefits of a four-day workweek for American workers. She said, “I was just reading today about how in 1930, famed economist Milton Keynes predicted that by 2030 GDP and technology would have advanced so much that it would allow everyday people to work as little as FIFTEEN HOURS a week and provide for their families.” She later corrected “Milton Keynes” and said it was a typo.

The freshman congresswoman is a lightning rod for conservative criticisms, but most of her statements and claims go unnoticed by the mainstream media. Conservative-leaning outlets, such as The Blaze, Fox News, Daily Wire and the Washington Examiner often cover her statements and claims. Similar to her past statements, the mainstream media ignored this social media gaffe, while the conservative media covered the gaffe.

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