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Vice President Mike Pence recently visited Mackinac Island for a conference and came with his motorcade. To the average American, this may not be a controversial issue, but to the mainstream media and Michigan Democrats, it was apparently inexcusable.

Mackinac Island is located in Michigan and is a tourist-friendly resort island, but it bans motor vehicles in order to preserve the environment and community. The ban has been in place for over a century. Much of the appeal to tourists and visitors are the horse-drawn carriage rides and use of bicycles, according to its website.

Pence spoke at the Republican Leadership Conference, held at the island’s Grand Hotel. He flew to Michigan, took a helicopter to the island (instead of a ferry, as most tourists do), and rode in the eight-vehicle motorcade to the hotel for his speech.

The mainstream media criticized Pence’s use of a motorcade and for not following the lead of President Gerald Ford, who visited the island in 1975 and traveled in a horse-drawn carriage. Slate criticized Pence’s motorcade by quoting multiple anti-Trump and Democratic Party figures from their social media accounts, such as Ron Fournier (a former Associated Press bureau chief) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). The Huffington Post’s headline read, “Michiganders Furious About Mike Pence’s 8-Vehicle Motorcade On Carless Mackinac Island” and echoed similar sentiments to Slate’s. The Hill quoted a former Democratic state senator from Michigan, Julia Pulver, who called Pence’s motorcade “a huge transgression.” CBS News echoed the same sentiment as the other news outlets and quoted Democratic Party sources like Pulver.

Supporters of the Trump administration and some impartial sources noted that security is much tighter than it was for Ford. The Hill noted the security concerns, as did CBS News.

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