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Americans were treated to thousands of photos of the Baby Trump mini-blimp that flew over protests against President Trump in England. Newsweek even featured a video on its website that chronicled “the moment the Trump blimp took flight.”

Reports of  “huge protests” against the president that followed him from his landing in the U.K. to the palace where he had dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May to London, where he had tea with Queen Elizabeth II, and on to Scotland, where he spent the weekend working and golfing on his Turnberry course.

But they heard little about the substantial show of support for the president while he was in England.

The media scoffed at Trump’s claim in an interview with Piers Morgan that “There are many, many protests in my favor.” To the extent it was covered, it was treated with derision.

It was reported that one rally drew so many people because it combined with a rally in support of Tommy Robinson, the English conservative now jailed for trying to expose a Muslim pedophile ring.

Newsweek exemplified the pretzel logic in one paragraph. Following the quote he gave to Morgan, it wrote:

“There appears to be no evidence to back up that claim. While there was a small pro-Trump rally that took place in London Saturday, that was after his interview with the Daily Mail.”

So there was “no evidence,” but there was a “small pro-Trump rally.”

Stories on the anti-Trump rallies focused on their size, the mini-blimp and the “clever” signs held up by protesters. Stories on the pro-Trump rallies focused on the two arrests and labeled attendees “right-wingers,” “alt-right” or worse.

Further, they did not fail to note another rally was taking place that day in support of Tommy Robinson, founder of the England Defense League, who is jailed for reporting on a court case in which he says the British government is covering up a crime in which Muslims are alleged to have recruited children off the streets of London for pedophilia.

The Washington Post didn’t bother to write about the pro-Trump activism at all and simply used an Associated Press piece on its website. “British police have arrested a man and a woman at a right-wing protest,” the piece began.

The AP reported that “Scotland Yard had imposed restrictions on both rallies ‘due to the concerns of serious public disorder and disruption” – an odd warning given the alleged small size of the rally.

The Daily Dot acknowledged the phenomenon in its headlines: “A pro-Donald Trump rally in London featured MAGA hats and American flags” with a subhead that read, “Yes, Donald Trump has some British supporters.”

But the story sought to diminish the protest. “A ‘Welcome Trump’ march merged with a protest in support of freeing jailed far-right leader Tommy Robinson in central London on Saturday afternoon,” the Daily Dot wrote.

“Hundreds of protestors gathered in Whitehall, the section of London that includes Parliament and most of the British federal government. Hundreds of signs that read, ‘Britain Loves Trump’ and ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ could be seen among flats that double as nativist symbols – Union Jacks, the red and white English flag, and American flags.”

“Never seen so many British folks in MAGA hats,” the reporter, Amrita Khalid, said in one Tweet. But five hours later, after being hammered by readers, she tweeted: “Just for the record: I went to two rallies in London this weekend; the anti-Trump march/rally in Trafalgar Square on Friday and the pro-Trump/Tommy Robinson protest in Whitehall on Saturday. FAR bigger crowds as the former. No contest.”

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