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Media Helps Liberals Take the Plunge Into Trying to Abolish ICE

It is so new an issue the wiser heads of the left are not sure yet how to play it, the New Yorker quotes [1] Washington Post’s Dave Weigel as saying. But more and more, the party and its friends in the mainstream media are giving into the temptation to call for abolishment of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

It’s not new; it’s been “years in the making” and always before “relegated to the far-left corners of progressive activism,” wrote CNN [2] in a story headlined “The movement to ‘Abolish ICE’ is heating up – and going mainstream.”

Thanks to the upset victory in a New York Democratic congressional primary of socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Joe Crowley, 10-term incumbent and member of his party’s leadership team, the issue suddenly has gone mainstream for Democrats, CNN reported [2].

Cracks in the dam became visible 10 days ago [2]” when demonstrators shouted Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant in Washington.

This was followed by “a series of recent shocks to the system” that included Ocasio-Cortez’s victory, Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) becoming the first senator call for the end of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio telling a local TV station that “ICE’s time has come and gone.”

The media’s strategy here is to quote Democratic politicians saying the agency is out of control and needs to be abolished because it has “gone rogue” [3] and become President Trump’s “own political police force,” according to Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), [1] who is working with other far-left members of the House to come up with legislation to abolish the agency and replace it, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said [4], “with something that reflects our values.”

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is not doing anything differently than it did before, nor has it changed any policies dramatically.

A letter sent by 19 agents of the Homeland Security Investigations unit said that confusion over their efforts and those of ICE [2] made their work harder. But they said they want to continue working with the agency if the confusion elements could be addressed.

The issue at its heart is the Trump administration’s policy of enforcing immigration laws at the border. The media can dress this up as it wishes, but what it wants is for border enforcement to be relaxed. The crusade against ICE is a proxy for this.

“Public outrage over the Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ border policy, which separated thousands of families, has intensified the skepticism over immigration enforcement,” wrote Vox [3]. “‘Abolish ICE’ is becoming a catch-all rallying cry against draconian immigration policies.”

The proposal thus far has been fairly easy for the president to disregard.

“The Liberal Left, also known as the Democrats, want to get rid of ICE, who do a fantastic job, and want Open Borders,” Trump tweeted [2]. “Crime would be rampant and uncontrollable! Make America Great Again.”

But the media has painted Trump as the troublemaker in this scenario. It is not that Democrats have called for a measure extremely out of the mainstream; it’s that Trump has convinced his supporters – with little heavy lifting – they should oppose it.

“The president, who clearly thinks he’s on a roll, is back in Washington to crank up the theatrics before unveiling his second Supreme Court pick next week after spending the weekend stoking an angry mood among supporters with bold, inflammatory rhetoric on immigration,” wrote [4] CNN in a story entitled, “Trump’s midterm message gets spark from progressive rhetoric.

Activists also seek to “expand the moral dimension of the fight,” CNN reported [4], and summarized a quote from a city councilwoman from Hartford, Conn., saying: “The visceral nature of reporting from the border during the height of the family separation crisis pushed the movement toward a tipping point.”