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Liberal stars gathered Sunday night in Hollywood for the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, and, as has become their habit, the out-of-touch elites proved they have no idea what everyday Americans care about.

The ratings were among the worst in the show’s history, but one group of people could not get enough – the journalists who covered it. To them, it was a historic night.

To heck with focusing on actors’ and actresses’ actual talent – this was the year the Emmys officially turned into another liberal celebration of “diversity.” Just give them Emmys because they’re black, Asian, gay, or female.

E! News published an article Monday under the title, “Why This Was the Best Emmys Ever (Even If the Ratings Sucked).” The author of the piece, Tierney Bricker, praised the event as the “best ceremony in the Emmys’ 69-year history,” citing “many firsts.”

“Master of None’s Lena Waithe became the first African-American woman to win for comedy writing (co-writing season two’s stellar ‘Thanksgiving’” with Aziz Ansari),” Bricker wrote. Bricker added, “Let. That. Sink. In. For. A. Moment.”

Bricker pointed to other firsts, both ethnic minorities and women, who received Emmy awards Sunday. The author went on to basically erase all the outrage following the “#OscarsSoWhite” controversy just last year and congratulated Hollywood.

“So go on, Hollywood, clap for yourselves and pat yourselves on the back for a bit. You deserve it this time…even if it was a long time coming,” Bricker wrote.

The E! News author wasn’t the only out-of-touch “journalist” to fawn over the Emmys, though.

USA Today’s Maeve McDermott was thrilled about the “gloriously gay” primetime Emmys, writing that the 2017 show “improved on last year’s ceremonies by honoring a range of LGBT stories and stars with the night’s biggest prizes.”

Of San Junipero, which won an Emmy for best television movie, McDermott added, “That the Emmys decided to honor an explicitly queer love story is exciting enough, let alone one that spares its main characters from the dystopian, often-bleak fates seen in other Black Mirror episodes.”

Let’s not overlook other distasteful examples of liberal fawning, particularly from PopSugar’s Lisa Peterson, who wondered in a headline “why in the world” the late former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes was part of the ceremony’s “In Memoriam” presentation.

Hollywood elites didn’t stop at praising the progressive identity politics agenda, though. They also went after Sean Spicer, former press secretary to President Donald Trump, for his surprise cameo. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni called the appearance itself a “shameful embrace” of the former Republican press secretary.

Mashable’s Sasha Lekach declared Spicer’s cameo deserved nothing more than a “big fat eye roll.” And CNN’s Kaitlan Collins not-so-subtlety opined on Monday that Spicer’s Emmy’s appearance “didn’t sit well with me.”

Speaking of not sitting well, the entire Emmys awards show this year apparently didn’t sit well with millions of Americans. Early ratings data shows that ratings virtually tied last year’s pathetically low ratings, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

People might surmise that the low ratings for the past two years were because of everyday Americans in Middle America being fed up with Hollywood liberals, but the New York Daily News had another wild theory.

The Daily News’ Dan Gunderman suggested the low ratings were not because of Americans’ outrage with liberal Hollywood actors and actresses but rather was caused by people in Florida not watching because of Hurricane Irma.

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