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Now that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is emerging as the Democratic frontrunner, it appears she’ll continue to get a pass from outlets like CNN for supporting the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, even though the CFPB was reportedly rampant racism and sexism under her leadership.

So far, Warren has been treated with kid gloves by the mainstream media (for example: a flattering, fluff New York Times profile on “How to Get a Selfie With Elizabeth Warren in 8 Steps.”). During Tuesday’s CNN/New York Times presidential debate, Warren bragged about her brainchild, the CFPB, however a Government Accountability Office report found the agency to be rampant with internal racism and anti-woman bias. She was not asked about this problem during the debate.

“Twenty-five percent of black, Asian and female employees of the bureau told the General Accountability Office (GAO) in a survey that they “they had been discriminated against at the CFPB,’”  reported The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Richard Pollock. “A quarter of the black employees and 20 percent of Hispanic employees told the GAO that racial “differences” are not respected or valued by the bureau’s top officials … Numerous women and employees with minority ethnic backgrounds have accused CFPB managers of serious racial and gender discrimination since its inception. Management reprisals against employees who file complaints over discrimination have had a chilling effect on the workforce as well, according to the GAO.”

That GAO report came out in 2016, but the CFPB problems existed well before then.

“The GAO report also noted that CFPB hasn’t implemented seven anti-discrimination recommendations issued in March 2015 by the Federal Reserve’s Inspector General,” Pollock noted. “CFPB was intended as a model for government when Obama joined with one of his top appointees, Elizabeth Warren, in designing and proposing the bureau in 2010. Warren later became the progressive Democratic senator from Massachusetts. The bureau was created under the Dodd-Frank Act, and among its purposes was to root out discrimination in the financial marketplace.”

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