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Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) struggles to separate her presidential ambitions from her past missteps on her racial self-identification as a Native American. In 2018, her camp and the Boston Globe published her DNA results that proved she was less Native American than the average white American, which offended Native American tribes and community.

For years, Warren identified herself as a Native American, such as listing it on a 1986 Texas bar registration card, listing it at Harvard University, and mentioning it during multiple media interviews.

To combat the cultural appropriation controversy, Warren unveiled her plan to help Native Americans.

The 9,000-word policy proposal was “more than double the length of any other proposal she’s introduced during her presidential campaign” as Politico noted. USA Today covered the policy proposal and also pointed out the length of the plan, but CNN and CBS News did not talk much about how long it was. 

However, none of the media outlets questioned whether this policy proposal was too little, too late. Warren has been serving as a senator since 2013 and this appears to be the first time that she has made any policy proposal for Native Americans. Warren had six years to unveil bills that could help the Native American community, but did not do so until it would possibly benefit her presidential campaign. Yet, the media was silent on why Warren waited until 2019 to unveil these policy proposals.

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