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Media dunks on Republican governor – but the numbers don’t lie

The stark difference in coverage of Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a perfect example of how mainstream media treats Republicans and Democrats differently.

The governors took very different approaches in addressing COVID-19: New York was one of the first states to issue a shutdown order [1], while Florida took longer to shut down [2]. Florida also chose to open early [3] while New York remains relatively shut down. The media failed to use actual data when comparing the two, however.

CNN tried to blame DeSantis [4] for a coronavirus outbreak among the Miami Marlins even though the outbreak did not occur in Florida. The players contracted COVID-19 at an away game in Atlanta [5].

Meanwhile, CNN was more interested in Cuomo “slamming the Trump administration on their COVID response [6]” than analyzing his response in his own state.

 The Washington Post reported that coronavirus has ravaged Florida thanks to DeSantis. [7] Its coverage of  Cuomo primarily focused on his book release [8] rather than his COVID response.

The reports presented under the guise of concern and public safety. But Florida is seeing a much lower death rate than New York – theirs is .02% [9], while New York has a .07% death rate. [9]

Florida is seeing 46 deaths out of 100,000 people [9] in comparison to New York’s 168 people per 100, 000 people [9].

DeSantis made an early decision to close down visitation to nursing homes. [10] Contrasting this with Cuomo’s deadly nursing home decisions [11] — the recent coverage of the two governors doesn’t seem to add up.

The media has been critical of DeSantis from the beginning. From reports on his “bizarre campaign ad [12]” to the assertion that he was trying to disenfranchise voters [13]. Cuomo, on the other hand, has mainly enjoyed media speculations of a presidential run [14] in 2024.