Accuracy in Media

Amid Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ media victory lap after winning the New Hampshire primary, there was no mention of his past statements and actions as a politician.

The media discussed the ramifications of his primary night victory but failed to dive into his policy proposals.

CNN praised Sanders’ “hard-fought victory” in New Hampshire and how Sanders escaped a “surprisingly close race” between his campaign and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. CNN pointed out Sanders’ “extraordinary comeback for a candidate who was all but written off by many pundits after he suffered a heart attack in early October.”

But CNN had one glaring omission in its article: it did not mention Sanders’ promise to release his medical records to the public for transparency reasons and his reversal on the promise.

NBC News noted Sanders’ “raucous crowd” at his election night event and highlighted his speech, which speech blasted “wealth campaign contributors” and promoted his socialist ideals. Its article lacked any mention of Sanders’ reversal on releasing his medical records, past praise of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and other similar statements. NBC News ignored Sanders’ past and looked ahead to the next primary states, without providing context on his campaign.

The mainstream media ignored Sanders’ past and chose to praise his primary victory in New Hampshire. It failed to provide context about Sanders’ presidential campaign, his socialist politics and policy proposals. Both CNN and NBC News failed their readers and audiences due to omitting important and relevant information about Sanders’ campaign.

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