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Multiple mainstream media outlets concluded that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will not win the Democratic Party nomination this summer at the party’s convention. After multiple primary losses last night, Sanders’ delegate count fell further behind former vice president Joe Biden.

Biden led Sanders by a significant margin after last night’s primaries and it could come closer to a one-hundred-delegate difference when the primary results and delegate allocations are finalized. NBC News headlined the narrative, “Key takeaways from election night — and they aren’t good news for Sanders.” CNN live election analysis said, “The former VP shows his dominance in the Democratic race on Super Tuesday II with a series of key victories.” Politico added that the Democratic Party establishment is weighing “how to nudge Sanders out after Tuesday losses.”

The media’s narrative is clear: They believe that the delegate count and upcoming slate of primaries would make it tough for Sanders to win the party’s presidential nomination. NBC News wrote, “Biden’s strategy never looked more correct” in banking on older and moderate voters instead of Sanders’ strategy of going for progressive and younger voters. It also said that “Biden is talking like the nominee” at this point in the primary.

Though the delegate count math could indicate a Biden nomination, it is premature for the media to call the primary race at this stage. Primaries have been ongoing since February and the last primary is scheduled for June 6 in the Virgin Islands. The party’s nominating convention will take place about a month later from July 13-17. There are thirty-one more primaries and caucuses left in the race. The media has repeated that Sanders can continue fundraising until the party’s convention, which disincentivizes him from dropping out of the race.

This comes from the same media outlets which had declared Biden’s campaign “a dead man walking” after three consecutive primary losses in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. It is Sanders’ right to stay in the race until the convention and it is not up to the media to decide that for him.

It was wishful thinking for the media to push Sanders to exit the race and pave the way for Biden’s nomination. The media should avoid interfering in political campaigns and let the campaigns and the voters decide who to nominate. The media’s post-primary summaries this week were blatant examples of its bias against Sanders and in favor of Biden.

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