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To the extent it said anything at all about journalist Andy Ngo being beaten by left-wing extremists in Portland, the mainstream media’s attitude seemed to be that Ngo, a write for Quillette and resident of Portland, was that he got what he deserved and/or that responsibility is hard to pin down.

Mark Osborne of ABC News set the pace with “Right-wing protesters clash with anti-fascists as Portland march gets violent.”

The inference of the headline is the “right wing” was protesting and the anti-fascists turned out to protect the city. The lead of the story said “Competing marchers clashed on Sunday, with right-wing protesters and anti-fascist groups fighting on the streets of Portland, Ore.”

After saying police “had been prepared for the likelihood of clashes,” Osborne states: “Among the groups marching were the Proud Boys, a right-wing group founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, and self-proclaimed ‘Western chauvinists.’ They were designated as an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been racked by scandal and has gone from identifying Ku Klux Klan chapters to declaring groups such as the Alliance Defending Freedom – a group founded by prominent ministers that aids conservative clients, such as the Colorado cake baker, in their court battles – as a terrorist group.

In discussing Ngo being attacked, Osborne writes that Ngo “bills himself on his Twitter account as ‘hated by Antifa.’”

Osborne seemed to accept the notion that Antifa was on the side of right when he quoted Jessyca Jones, an EMT worker from Salem, Ore., saying “I’m here to protest the alt-right – the ones that say they aren’t fascists or Nazis, but have proved themselves otherwise. And I like throwing milkshakes at bigots.”

He then quotes the assistant chief of police in Portland saying demonstrations are “fluid in nature and the management of these events is complex” in explaining why no one from his department showed up to help Ngo. produced “Andy Ngo Attacked: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” and here are what the website deemed the most important facts.

  1. Ngo says that Antifa members stole his camera equipment and beat his head ‘multiple times.’”
  2. Ngo says on his Twitter bio that he is “hated by Antifa.”
  3. The Portland Police Department said victims had been hit with “quick-drying cement.”
  4. A GoFundMe page to help Ngo has raised over $25,000 at the time of writing.
  5. The Portland event was set up by far-right activist Haley Adams.

It goes on to describe Adams as going by “the monikers ‘Rebel Barbie’ and ‘Divas4Trump’ on Facebook and said she put photos of Ngo on her page and said, “Stand against domestic terrorism.”

The Associated Press story also carefully avoided assigning responsibility for the attack on Ngo or other trouble in the streets of Portland.

“Clashes between rallies by several right-wing and anti-fascist groups in downtown Portland led to at least three arrests, police said,” the story began. “At least three right-wing groups, including the Proud Boys and the #HimToo group, and Antifa protesters held rallies or demonstrations.”

HuffPost also tried to set up the Antifa attackers as protectors of the city. “Several people were hurt Saturday in violent clashes in downtown Portland, Ore., between far-right Proud Boys demonstrators and anti-fascist counter-protesters,” Mary Papenfuss wrote in “Several Injured as Antifa, Proud Boys Clash in Downtown Portland.”

Papenfuss wrote that “Skirmishes erupted as some people had taken to the streets to wave rainbow flags commemorating Pride Month while Proud Boys and members of the #HimToo movement held aloft banners and signs touting President Donald Trump.”

She then mentioned police had said “there were multiple assaults reported, as well as projectiles thrown at demonstrators and officers. There were also reports of pepper spray and bear spray being used by people in the crowd.”

All in passive tense to avoid pointing out that it was Antifa doing the assaulting, the throwing of projectiles and demonstrators and officers and using pepper spray on its opponents.

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