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In the 2016 presidential election cycle and during President Donald Trump’s first term, the mainstream media criticized Trump for “lock her up” chants at rallies he held across the country. The “lock her up” chant referred to Trump’s 2016 opponent, Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and the desire to send her to prison over her e-mails scandal.

At a recent rally at the University of Minnesota, some attendees at a Sen. Bernie Sanders rally chanted, “lock him up.” It was a reference to Trump, the impeachment proceedings against him in Congress, and also a mimicry of Trump rally chants of “lock her up.” Sanders held the rally and Minnesota Democratic congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar voiced her endorsement of Sanders in the presidential primary race in front of the crowd.

Omar also made several unfounded remarks, such as accusing Trump of “coddling” white supremacists without providing evidence or proof, and that Trump constantly makes “an attack on the very values and ideals that make this country a beacon of hope for me and the people around the world.”

The Washington Examiner and Fox News covered the “lock him up” chants, with Fox News writing that “At no point did either Omar or Sanders attempt to stop attendees from shouting “Lock him up” whenever Trump was invoked.” No other mainstream media outlet covered the chant, which the media has consistently criticized and condemned Trump and his supporters for, over the past several years.

The mainstream media’s decision to remain silent and not highlight the hypocrisy of the Left was jarring and yet, it was expected. The media exposed its own hypocrisy on Trump and rally chants by choosing not to report on the Sanders rally chant, “lock him up,” and further reinforced its liberal bias to the average American voter.

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