Accuracy in Media

As Virginia’s Democratic governor and the two Democratic men next in line to succeed him are all ensnared in scandals, mainstream media voices are inconsistent in the application of their social justice lenses.

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, a Democrat who would be next in line if Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is forced to resign for a racist photo in his medical school yearbook, was accused publicly and in graphic detail of sexually assaulting a woman in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention. This comes on the heels of an admission by state attorney general, who is third in the line of gubernatorial succession, that he had worn blackface to dress as a black rapper at a college party in 1980.

Even as mainstream media pundits like Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post and MSNBC were harshly critical of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh for unproven allegations of sexual assault, Capehart on “Morning Joe,” tried to claim that there were vast differences between the two cases, even though evidence suggests that the claims of both women, to date, are without robust evidence that would lead to any prosecution in the court of law. The similarities between the two cases are striking, yet Capehart chooses to diminish them because Fairfax is a Democrat.

The Wall Street Journal called out the hypocrisy of liberal voices who suddenly want to halt their application of “zero tolerance” when it comes to issues of gender or race.

“If all three tainted Democrats resign, then the next in line as governor would be the speaker of the House of Delegates, Republican Kirk Cox. It was easy for Democrats, in Virginia and nationally, to indulge their moral afflatus and urge Mr. Northam to resign when they knew another Democrat could succeed him. But knowing that a Republican could get the job puts their identity ideals to the test. Let’s see: power or principle? You make the call.”

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