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The mainstream media hit President Trump for urging Democrats in Congress not to engage in partisan investigations against his administration, yet their coverage ignores findings from a Gallup poll released yesterday and taken in the wake of the government shutdown showed that the president’s job approval is more than 20 percent higher than the public’s approval of Congress.

CNBC and The Washington Post both compared President Trump to Richard Nixon because Trump used part of his State of the Union Address to urge Congress not to engage in wasteful partisan investigations.

“By warning Democrats that their investigations could damage the economy, Trump seems to be trying to dismiss all attempts at legitimate oversight investigations, lumping them all with political hackery intended only to damage him,” wrote Vox, without considering that perhaps the president issued his urging to help unify the country and move past partisan bickering.

The media also blamed Trump for the recent government shutdown, yet the Gallup polling was done following the shutdown, as Gallup reports:

“President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 44 percent after the conclusion of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. While views of Trump have improved, the public’s heightened positivity does not extend to views of Congress, as its 21 percent approval rating is essentially unchanged from January …. The latest readings are from a Feb. 1-10 Gallup poll. The poll began less than a week after Trump signed legislation to end the 35-day shutdown and open the government for three weeks so lawmakers could negotiate funding for a border wall.”

Even as the mainstream media blamed Trump for the shutdown (and used biased language, including from CNN’s Chris Cillizza, to describe the president’s approach vs. Speaker Pelosi’s), Gallup found that Americans credited the president with ending the shutdown.

“Trump’s job approval rating was up significantly throughout the survey field period, including in the days before and after his Feb. 5 State of the Union address. Accordingly, it is more likely that his decision to end the shutdown was the primary factor in his improved rating.

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