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Gone almost unnoticed in the news cycle is the ongoing posturing between the United States and China during the trade war. With most of the mainstream media outlets focusing on the Ukraine-Trump-Biden news and whistleblower hearing on Capitol Hill, the Chinses government agreed to buy American soybeans and pork this week.

The trade war, begun by President Donald Trump, is an effort by the president to get the Chinese government to the negotiating table and agree to respect American corporate copyright, among other concessions. But the Chinese government has refused to acquiesce to American demands and multiple negotiations have ended without a formal agreement. Both governments have raised tariffs on imported goods, which has caused consternation in the stock markets and among economic analysts as they assume it will lead to a recession sooner rather than later.

China’s Ministry of Commerce’s conciliatory gesture of completing “deals to buy soybeans and pork of considerable scale” was announced this week, coming after China lifted tariffs on American soybeans. The Trump administration did postpone a tariff hike on Chinese imports set for October by two weeks as a diplomatic gesture to the Chinese government.

Yet, media coverage has been very sparse on the news, despite it coming several weeks before the next tariff deadline. ABC News ran an Associated Press article on the news, but CBS News, CNN, nor NBC News ran an article on the news. Reuters, Bloomberg, and Fox Business published articles on the concession from the Chinese government. Those articles expanded on what the Associated Press said, which was the Chinese government agreed to buy 600,000 tons of American-grown soybeans.

Despite progress on the trade war with news like this, the mainstream media chose to ignore it and focused on impeachment topics and related news.

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