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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has fought back multiple allegations from the media and criticism from GOP politicians and pundits during her time in Congress so far.

In 2019, Omar was accused of having an extramarital affair with a progressive political consultant and that she married her brother to help his immigration status. This week, an alleged associate of Omar’s told the Daily Mail that he knew that the congresswoman married her brother for immigration reasons.

A Minnesota man named Abdihakim Osman told the Daily Mail that he knows Omar and he said she married her brother.

Omar responded, calling the Daily Mail report “fake news stories” and said it was another example of “anti-Muslim smears” targeting her and her family.

She said the claims were not “a good look” on those spreading the rumors and she has consistently called the marriage rumors “disgusting lies.”

The majority of the mainstream media chose not to report on the recent allegations about the marriage controversy; only the New York Post, The Hill and the Washington Examiner covered the developing story. But what was left out of much of the media’s coverage was that Omar did not provide documentation to assert that she did not marry her brother for immigration purposes, such as a marriage certificate. Instead, Omar relied on statements condemning the rumors as her primary defense.

Considering Omar’s status as one of prominent freshman female lawmakers in Congress, the mainstream media should acknowledge the ongoing controversy and fully inform its readers of the facts of the matter.

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