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Despite a New York Post report on alleged infidelity by Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, which was publicized in a divorce filing, the mainstream media has not reported on the high-profile and very public divorce and potential campaign finance controversy in over a week.

As background, Beth Mynett, who was once married to Omar’s top campaign consultant, Tim Mynett, said in court documents that Tim had been unfaithful to her and has been engaging in an extramarital “affair with the Somali-born US representative.”

Omar was born in Somalia and came to the United States as a refugee.

Adding to that, there are potential legal violations in addition to the infidelity allegations. The Federal Elections Commission finance data, which was filed by Omar’s campaign, shows that campaign funds may have been misrepresented as it was not properly designated as primary election funds or general election funds.

The New York Post published a follow-up article on Omar’s marriage through an anonymous source, whose source said that Omar’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, could file for divorce.

Hirsi is allegedly upset about Beth Mynett’s infidelity claims in court documents after refusing to file for divorce previously. The Post also claimed Omar and Hirsi have been separated since March 2019.

The follow-up article did not lead to further coverage from the mainstream media, either, which calls into question the mainstream media’s partiality and bias. By comparison, the mainstream media has run with questionable sourcing during the Trump presidency, in stories about Fusion GPS, the Russia investigation, and President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

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