Accuracy in Media

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow failed to include any response from Republican commissioners on the Federal Election Commission in her coverage of speculation that Russian donors had tried to funnel money from the National Rifle Association to benefit the Trump campaign.

Maddow hosted FEC chair Ellen Weintraub to attack against her GOP FEC colleagues for their vote against an FEC election based on current evidence. The initial accusation about the NRA was based on McClatchy reporting from January 2018.

Newsweek did obtain a statement from FEC Commissioner Caroline C. Hunter, a Republican: “Once again, Chair Weintraub rejected the advice of the FEC’s lawyers but blames her Republican colleagues. Her statement is long on conjecture and short on the evidence and the law. She relies on an ‘article’ [from] McClatchy written by the same individuals who inaccurately reported Michael Cohen was in Prague in 2016. The FEC is forbidden from investigating groups purely based on rank speculation.”

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