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CNN’s Lou Dobbs asked me, during a discussion of the North American Union, why our media show no interest in the issue of sovereignty. I said it wasn’t considered sexy enough. Perhaps if “sovereignty” had big breasts and shapely legs, like Anna Nicole Smith, we might stand a chance of getting some more coverage. Tragically, American sovereignty seems to be meeting the same fate as Miss Smith.

The U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), now being pushed by the Bush Administration for a quick vote, is already starting to get rave reviews from the press, with the Sacramento Bee saying that protecting the oceans of the world could be Bush’s “legacy.” The message to Bush is that he should go out as a liberal and he may salvage some of his reputation. But he will lose what is left of his conservative base.

As President Reagan understood, UNCLOS creates another dangerous U.N. bureaucracy, with a seabed “authority” to run ocean affairs, as well as a court system and a global tax. It is a mechanism created by the World Federalists as a major stepping stone on the road to world government. It is also designed to make it easier for the “international community” to thwart the exercise of U.S. military power in foreign affairs. One of the main authors, Elizabeth Mann Borgese, was a socialist who admired Karl Marx. But don’t expect our media to report these facts to the American people.

U.S. Navy officials, acting clueless and completely in the dark about the nature of U.N. bureaucracies, are actually lobbying on Capitol Hill for Senate ratification of the pact. It is an example of how weak the U.S. has become that our military officials have been reduced to functioning as a lobbying arm of the Washington office of the U.N. Of course, they are only doing what the President tells them to do, and Bush says he wants immediate ratification of UNCLOS. Strangely, two years ago, even when his administration was officially endorsing the pact, Bush told conservatives he wasn’t sure why his administration was supporting it.

However, then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, pondering a presidential run, was studying the treaty to death and refusing to bring it up for a vote. Conservatives applauded his courage. But a Democratic takeover of the Senate has now provided the “opportunity” for Bush to promote the treaty that President Reagan rejected. Reagan’s U.N. ambassador, the late Jeane Kirkpatrick, was still rejecting it in 2004, supposedly after the treaty had been “fixed.”

Recognizing the importance of words and what they mean, a top State Department official recently told a group of conservatives that he doesn’t like to refer to UNCLOS as a U.N. treaty. He wants to avoid any mention of the U.N. connection because he understands that the world body is so corrupt that any mention of it alongside the treaty can only hurt its chances of ratification.

Make no mistake: a vote for UNCLOS is a vote for increasing the power of the U.N. You can register your opinion on the treaty by calling the Capitol at 1-800-828-0498 and asking to be connected to the offices of your senators.

On another front, White House spokesman Tony Snow calls the North American Union (NAU) a “myth,” despite the abundant evidence of White House involvement in the development of a North American identification card and security strategy. This is how the subject of national sovereignty gets marginalized and dismissed. In this case, our “adversary press” meekly accepts the White House line. Echoing Snow, Philip Dine of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has written an article saying the NAU is based on an Internet “rumor” with a “few grains of truth” that has led people to “an unsubstantiated conclusion.” It is apparent that he didn’t attend the “North American Law” conference which I covered, featuring wide-ranging discussions on how the North American Free Trade Agreement is leading to the integration of the economic, legal and political systems of the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

This week, Robert Pastor’s Center for North American Studies at American University is co-sponsoring the “Model North American Parliament” for students from the three countries. Pastor, a former Carter official and Clinton adviser who persuaded Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn to introduce a Mexico financial bailout bill, is not the type who whistles Dixie. Wearing a lapel pin featuring the flags of the U.S., Mexico and Canada, he is an ardent advocate of what he calls the “North American Community.”

Those concerned about our national sovereignty had better figure out a way to get some media attention on this subject rather quickly because we are losing our sovereignty on many fronts. From the North American Union to the Law of the Sea Treaty to the illegal alien amnesty bill, America as we know it is fading fast. The sad irony is that all of this is happening under the auspices of a supposed conservative Republican President who earned a reputation during the early years of his administration of pursuing a “unilateral” foreign policy by snubbing the United Nations on matters like adopting the global warming treaty and the International Criminal Court and withdrawing from the ABM treaty so the U.S. could pursue a missile defense.

How things change. The Bush White House, Democrats and the media currently work in concert to promote amnesty for illegal aliens as “comprehensive immigration reform.” House Republicans like Reps. Edward Royce, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter see through it. And illegal aliens, of course, don’t even exist in the world of politically correct journalism. All of this can be explained by the fact that our elite journalists are in the same class as those politicians who employ illegal aliens as gardeners, landscapers, housekeepers and nannies. While exploiting cheap labor themselves, they tell us the illegal aliens are simply “undocumented workers” supposedly doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

On all of these issues, it seems that Bush works better with liberal Democrats than conservative Republicans. This might lead the cynical to think that he wanted Republicans to lose power in Congress so he could finally leave a “legacy,” in addition to the “No Child Left Behind” federal education bureaucracy and the monumentally expensive federal prescription drug program. But it’s impossible to believe that Bush intended for the war in Iraq to go this badly just so he could work with Democrats for his last two years. And that is mainly why the Republicans lost Congress and risk losing the White House in 2008. Bush could leave office as the President who failed to protect the borders of the United States and Iraq. The only question is which failure will prove more costly to our nation in the long run. On top of that, he now wants the Senate to ratify the most comprehensive treaty ever devised by the globalists. He is implementing the New World Order talked about by his father.

These political dynamics have put the sovereignty of our nation increasingly at risk. If we have any hope of getting mainstream journalists to critically cover these major issues of public importance, we have to make the concept of American sovereignty and national identity into something that is interesting to write and talk about. Of course, this approach assumes that we have a media still capable of honest reporting.

Ultimately, political pressure from the grassroots to force both political parties to deal with the survival of the nation may be the only way to get the attention of the press. We are beginning to see that groundswell developing on the subject of illegal immigration, as millions of Americans register their outrage at Republicans and Democrats who fail to take serious action to protect U.S. borders. The same outrage, if channeled into opposition to UNCLOS, could also make an impression on the Washington establishment and media. It will take 34 votes to sink UNCLOS but Republican sources on Capitol Hill say they can count less than 10 currently against it. Time is running out on the independent, free and strong America that so many sacrificed their lives for.

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