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Kellyanne Conway called out the mainstream media for failing to report on offensive statements by the “Squad” of congresswomen who have been accused of anti-Semitic and anti-American statements.

“The fake news media has completely underreported the ‘Squad’s’ controversial statements and ties,” Conway said yesterday on Fox News. “We’re tired of some of these women palling around with terrorists. One of them is in pictures with somebody who was responsible for the murder of three Israeli soldiers. Where is the press? Stop falling down on the jobs. Stop being so afraid of and adoring of four people who got here a few short months ago.”

Conway said the mainstream media have failed in their fact-checking of the “Squad.”

“‘All about the Benjamins,’ yes, laughing about Al-Qaeda and lying today in the press conference, I mean, I’m always amazed when the fact-checkers, just go gaga and genuflect when any one of ‘the Squad,’ ‘the Squad’ who, apart from getting a lot of media attention, haven’t done squat; they don’t fact-check these people,” Conway continued. “The House cannot condemn President Trump after it embarrassingly dropped the ball on, what should have been, a straight-forward condemnation of Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitic comments.”

Conway pointed out the political hypocrisy of House Democrats and their anti-Trump resolution passed yesterday while they were unable to name Rep. Ilhan Omar in a previous resolution.

“Let me just say about this resolution today. This is important. Back in March there was meant to be a resolution condemning the anti-Semitic comments by Ilhan Omar. And the House couldn’t even get that right,” Conway said. “Why the hell can’t we condemn anti-Semitism? Why can’t we name Ilhan Omar? They’re going to name President Trump today in the resolution? It’s politicized and it’s [a] sham, because they couldn’t call a member of our own who said ‘it’s all about the Benjamins,’ dual loyalty. Some of the most anti-Semitic garbage that we’ve heard in the House floor ever.”

Conway pointed out that the members of the “Squad” were the only four Democrats to vote against the $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid that has been crucial to improving conditions on the border.

“They are the only four Democrats to vote against any humanitarian aid crisis on the border. They have no moral authority to talk to the border about anymore. They voted against $4.6 billion in aid,” Conway said. “These four women are distinctive for one important reason I want America to know: they’re the only four Democrats to vote against any form of humanitarian aid at the border when that vote was taken two weeks ago. They have no moral authority to ever talk about the border and the kids and the humanitarian crisis there.”

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