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Journalist Loses CNN Contributor Spot After Taking Job at Conservative Publication

Journalist Eliana Johnson reportedly just accepted the editor-in-chief role for the conservative Washington Free Beacon, and by leaving her Politico White House reporting job, this disqualified her as a CNN contributor, according to a CNN spokesman.

When Buzzfeed reporter Matt Berman tweeted his article [1] saying “CNN Is Not Renewing A Political Reporter’s TV Deal After She Got A New Job Running A Conservative News Site,” a CNN spokesman responded [2]: “This framing is misleading. Eliana is still a CNN contrib & will remain one through Nov. We signed her because, as you put it, ‘she was a top White House reporter’ who was ‘breaking significant news.’ She’s now pursuing a different career path and off that beat. Simple as that.”

The CNN spokesman declined to comment when contacted by Fox News reporter Brian Flood [3].

Johnson, who had previously worked for the conservative publication National Review, replied back to the CNN spokesman: “I didn’t realize becoming the first female editor-in-chief of a conservative news site was ‘pursing a different career path,’” Johnson tweeted. “I’ll still be in the newsbreaking business. And perhaps even covering the White House.”

In his BuzzFeed article, Johnson told Berman,“CNN has a right to tap or drop contributors at any point,” Johnson said. “None of us is entitled to a contract renewal.”

President Donald Trump and many of his supporters have been critical of CNN’s coverage as biased against conservatives.

“CNN executives have publicly committed [5] to having political diversity on air, and the network has had a host of pro-Trump and conservative voices across its programming, as well as explicitly anti-Trump and liberal ones,” Berman reported. “But the network has dropped [6] some pro-Trump contributors this year, and the Hollywood Reporter reported [7] it has “benched” two other high-profile Trump backers who still work as contributors. The network has other conservatives as regular on-air contributors, including Mary Katharine Ham, who has written for several conservative outlets, and Rich Lowry, who is the editor of National Review.”