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Joe Rogan owes a debt to radio icon Howard Stern, and he’s in good company.

Stern’s decades-long run on terrestrial radio changed the way broadcasters spoke to us. Stern not only pummeled the boundaries of on-air decency but opened up the format for a new generation of talkers.

That Stern is long gone, replaced by a progressive scold who hunkers in his Long Island estate for fear of contracting COVID-19. Rogan paid Stern his dues during the latest edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

The burly podcaster also mourned Stern’s dramatic decline.

Rogan, along with Shane Gillis and Matt McCusker of “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” explored how today’s society forces people to embrace certain views .. or else.

That led to Gillis recalling some of the outrageous bits Stern regularly aired during the 1990s, sketches no traditional performer could conduct today. Former Stern bits included a warped take on “Hollywood Squares” featuring mentally-challenged “stars” and racists like Ku Klux Klan leader Daniel Carver.

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