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Jim Carrey’s Attempt to Bash Pro-Lifers Backfires

Liberal actor Jim Carrey depicted abortion as the killing of a person who is inconvenient, and even some mainstream media are recognizing that Carrey’s attempt to smear pro-lifers has backfired.

Carrey tweeted the image [1] of his latest political cartoon, which was immediately highlighted by conservatives as illustrating that abortion destroys human life.

“The painting depicts Alabama Governor Kay Ivey as a baby being vacuumed out of a womb,” wrote liberal journalist Joe Berkowitz at Fast Company [4]. “It’s gross! It’s also very much Not Helping. Sure, lots of pro-choice Americans probably wish some form of ill on Ivey after she introduced some of the most barbaric abortion laws in the nation’s history. But portraying that ill as the fate of any fetus a woman chooses to abort is unfortunate framing. Carrey’s conception of abortion as something he would wish upon his foes only helps make the case anti-choice advocates have been making for decades.”

Photo by Luke Rauscher [5] [6]