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Jake Tapper Admits That Trump Economy Stories Are Getting Buried

With a booming economy, including record job growth and incredibly low unemployment, CNN anchor Jake Tapper admitted that President Donald Trump’s strong record on the economy is getting swallowed up by the mainstream media’s decision to de-prioritize the economic story for other clickbait-fare.

“‘Does the president get enough credit for the economy? It really is doing astoundingly well,’ Tapper stated to his panel,” the Daily Caller’s Mike Brest reported. [1] “Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim answered, ‘Exactly. And the economy is by far his best case for re-election. And if he’s not getting the sufficient credit for the economy, it’s a lot of it because he steps on his own message. I mean, again, with these BAFO economic news, you would be expecting the president to talk about it every day, just hammering that home in different messaging campaigns, but a lot of times he likes to focus on other things and he sometimes has a tendency to step on his own message.’”

Yet, as Brest notes, “Tapper followed up, ‘We were going to lead with the economy on the show, it was going to be the first block. We were going to sing the numbers that we just sang, and then President Trump decided to talk to Vladimir Putin and talk about how Russia hoax and all of that.’”

So Tapper was proving his own point: he chose not to lead with a roaring economy and focus instead on non-existent Russian collusion that was disproven by the Mueller report.