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A new Independent Women’s Forum video series with Prager University kicks off with a look at ways that the mainstream media ignores or demeans conservative women.

“In the mainstream media’s playbook, women on the left are essentially untouchable,” IWF wrote in a blog post titled “Who Does The Media Most Want To Silence?” releasing the video. “Those who even slightly criticize these women are smeared as ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynist.’ When it comes to conservative women, however, the media gives lip service to equal treatment but applies a deceptive double standard. This PragerU video with Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) chairman Heather Higgins exposes the different techniques the left uses to glamorize and promote those they support while marginalizing, objectifying, and dehumanizing those they oppose.”

On Twitter, the Independent Women’s Forum wrote: “.@PewResearch found: ~1/3 women are Democrat, a little less than 1/3 are Republican and a little more than 1/3 are Independents. So why does the media pretend like conservative women barely exist? Watch @prageru‘s video featuring @IWF’s @TheHRH. #ProgressivePrivilege

In the video, Higgins identifies three main ways that conservative women are silenced by the mainstream media.

1) Omission — failing to give balanced air time or print to conservative women vs. liberal women (ex. Glamour’s “Women Of The Year” honored 11 Democrats and zero Republicans).

2) Mocking — making fun of conservative women’s appearance to diminish what she says. (ex. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway)

3) Labeling — using stereotypes to preclude there being a valid reason for conservative women to hold their views. (ex. conservative women are racist, weak-minded, self-hating)

“It takes a strong person to swim against the media tide,” Higgins notes. “But here’s the thing about swimming against the tide: it makes you stronger.”

Higgins calls for a more inclusive and respectful debate and encourages conservative women to speak up and have their voices heard.

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