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After the Washington Post’s headline debacle, the mainstream media has little room for error in describing the death of Islamic State leader Aku Bakr al-Baghdadi. Baghdadi was killed over the weekend during a U.S.-led raid on a compound in northwestern Syria.

After President Donald Trump announced the death of Baghdadi and the results of the military raid, criticism abounded over Trump politicizing the military and the death of the ISIS leader. Democratic Party leaders, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, criticized Trump for not informing them of the impending raid.

However, the mainstream media was reminded of Baghdadi’s actions, one of which included the capture, rape and death of an American hostage named Kayla Mueller. Mueller was taken captive in 2013 while volunteering as an aid worker in Aleppo, Syria, and was held captive for eighteen months. The American government confirmed her death at age 26 that same year.

Mueller’s parents, in an interview with the Today Show, explained how Baghdadi’s death was a relief for them after years of anguish. Mueller’s mother, Marsha, said the following:

“I’m glad that evil person is gone… if you were a parent, and this man did what he did to Kayla to your child and they got him out, how would you feel? The parents, I think they could answer that question without me saying too much more.”

The parents told the Today Show that Trump spoke with them for eighteen minutes over the phone, “offering his condolences and answering their questions.” The military mission was also named after Mueller, which Marsha Mueller said, “It was just an amazing gift for Kayla.” She continued, “I know Kayla, Kayla would say this is for all of us, this is for all the hostages and all the people over there that have suffered so much through this group. Kayla would want it to be for everyone, all the people that she was with.”

No matter one’s political leanings, one could agree that it should not take grieving parents of an ISIS victim to remind the media of the atrocities committed by ISIS and its leader, Baghdadi, and how the Trump-approved military raid led to justice being served for Kayla Mueller and other victims.

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