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As proof they would asphyxiate themselves if Donald Trump endorsed oxygen, anti-Trump journalists spent last week praising an Iranian general.

Gen. Qassam Soleimani’s Revolutionary Guard has been recognized as a terrorist organization, but the media described him as, “revered” and “beloved”.  Journalists compared him to Elvis Presley and Princess Diana.  

Judging by their reports, you’d swear these folks watched Argo and wept when the hostages escaped.  

But why did they become “useful idiots” for Iran?  Why did they share propaganda from Iran’s PR team and pass it off as news?  

To deny the president positive media coverage, of course.  Principles mean nothing when their political tribe is battling the enemy.

There’s a lot of media focus on conservatives who abandoned their principles in an attempt to align with Trump.  (Yes, Trump has enacted more gun control and spent more money than Barack Obama). However, these right wingers weren’t the only ones running far away from their core beliefs.

Radical Progressives and their allies in the media are consistently happy to abandon their own liberal beliefs to advance their political tribe.  And now that we’ve seen the Left adulating a leader of a regime that executes homosexuals for the “crime” of being gay, Trump should see how far the Left will go.

If Trump began a “War on Climate Change” would HuffPost columnists opine about the benefits of global warming?

If the president announced federally funded sex-change operations for all transgender people, would GLAAD officially remove the “T” from LGBTQ?

What if Trump adopted a puppy?  Would the New York Times publish columns declaring that cats are far better pets?

All of these things are worth trying, if only for the entertainment value.

And that’s all most of these political “elites” provide, anyway.  The difference between politicos in Washington and actors in Hollywood is that the actors actually care about political issues and the politicians are much, much better at acting.  Nancy Pelosi and her squad will adopt any belief at any time for any reason if it provides an opportunity to attack Trump.

As recently as last month, the Washington Post was still pushing the narrative that Trump is an anti-Semite.  Donald Trump’s daughter is an Orthodox Jew. He’s had the most pro-Israel foreign policy in the history of that nation. Trump has taken more action against Israel’s greatest adversary — Iran — than any other president before him, yet he still supposedly hates Jews.  

If Trump got Bar Mitzvahed on national television, the Post would claim he was dog-whistling white supremacists during his Torah reading.

I don’t personally believe the Washington Post’s editorial board to be anti-Semitic, but it shows how far they are willing to run from their principles to attack Trump.

This week, the Iranian people began chanting “death to the dictator” at anti-government protests.  I suspect the Post planned to run it as a front-page story until they learned the dictator being referenced was the Ayatollah and not the Donald.

Adam Guillette is the President of Accuracy in Media. 

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