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The latest financial report from Democrat Rita Hart, an Iowa candidate locked in one of the closest Congressional elections in decades, reveals Hart is on the payroll for two Chinese companies including one that is indirectly owned by the Chinese government. 

Hart is currently personally appealing to Nancy Pelosi to ignore the will of the voters and overturn the election results in her race.

Hart received income – not campaign donations – from Confucius International Education ($3,180) and Pangaea International Academy ($2,135.23), according to the report, which was released in May.

Accuracy in Media made these discoveries while investigating an FEC complaint against Hart. 

Confucius International Education Group, or CIEG, is funded by Far East Horizon, a Chinese state-run leasing company. In turn, Far East Horizon has ties to a Youth Communist League through shareholders, the Sinochem Group

CIEG purchased a shuttered Clinton, Iowa university campus, partnering with local officials to create a “private academy … for international students who would attend Clinton High School,” the Christian Science Monitor reported

“The vision was a way to sidestep two major handicaps that districts face in enrolling international students. The first is that public high schools can enroll foreign students only for one year; private schools face no such limits.”

Chinese students attended Clinton High School for one year, as allowed, and then transferred the students to a private school to allow them to stay in the country. CIEG ate the cost of the additional tuition. 

The stated goal, however, is to establish an exchange between the school on the CIEG-owned campus, Pangaea International Academy, and to turn Pangaea International Academy into a degree-granting school in its own right. 

Hart has supported the academy in her official capacity, according to the Iowa Association of School Boards.

Following those goals, both the Confucius International Education Group and Pangaea International Academy are being funded by Far East Horizon – and since Far East Horizon is state-run, China is essentially establishing a school in the U.S. with Iowa’s help.

At the time of publication, no news outlet has asked Hart about her salaries from Pangaea International Academy or Confucius International Education.

Hart is just the latest in a string of Democrats being exposed for being tied to China, including the University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center for Diplomacy and Public Engagement allegedly receiving undisclosed donations from China, as reported by Campus Reform, and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) being found to be connected to a suspected Chinese spy.

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