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Hunter gets a pass, again

The New York Post published a story on a recent Senate report  detailing presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden allegedly “spending of thousands of dollars in transactions linked to what appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.” The Post also reported that Hunter Biden “wired funds to women located in Russia and Ukraine.”

As the validity of the report is still to be determined, it is hard to ignore the lack of mainstream media coverage surrounding these speculations. Compare this to the media coverage of President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and the discrepancy is hard to ignore. 

To start with even the mention of Russia, every mainstream outlet took a stab at connecting Trump Jr. to the House report on Russian allegations against President Trump.  Axios did a detailed article titled “What we now know about Don Jr. and Russia” with an illustration of Trump Jr. in front of an image of recognizable Russian architecture. Trump Jr.’s introduction to the media world was a whirlwind of “bombshell reports” and New York Times exclusives surrounding an email. 

Hunter Biden getting a pass from the mainstream media is nothing new. He enjoys lackluster headlines such as “The Truth About Hunter Biden — And Why Republicans Are So Disappointed” and “GOP Tries to Rekindle Hunter Biden Dispute With Few Findings” or deflective headlines like “Donald Trump Plans To Launch Vicious Attack On Hunter Biden.” 

This comes as a shock as Hunter has done a few newsworthy things worthy of moral questioning. From dating his deceased brother’s widow, to impregnating a stripper, to trying to get out of child support for the child – for some reason Biden’s family remains relatively off-limits from the mainstream press. Yahoo News even headlined Biden’s wishes to keep questions about his son as a “private matter”. 

Family is nowhere near off-limits for the Trumps. From articles detailing how “dysfunctional they are” to highlight the bad and even saying they are being used to “soften Trump’s image” when they are good. 


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