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HuffPost Writer Displays Clear Political Double Standard

Emily Peck, a senior reporter for HuffPost, illustrated her political double standard on whether men who have daughters are more empowering of women than those without daughters.

In her article “Playing Up Brett Kavanaugh As A Good Dad To Girls Is Shameless,” [1] she argues that “Trump’s Supreme Court pick will likely play a key role in gutting reproductive rights, no matter how many girls’ basketball games he coaches … Playing up Kavanaugh as some kind of gentle, good dad seems to be a fairly transparent effort to sidestep all this stuff. To try to make this man less terrifying [2] by reassuring women that he’s a nice daddy. Women don’t want some kind of paternalistic sports dude on the Supreme Court. Most of them want a justice who can recognize the humanity of all Americans and the rights of women to control their bodies.”

Yet in a previous article from last year, Peck also wrote that “Men Really Do Get Less Sexist When They Have Daughters,” [3] reporting on “A new study offers the most compelling evidence yet of the ‘daughter effect.’ … But the daughter effect isn’t merely anecdotal, and it doesn’t simply change men’s attitudes. It can also have profound economic consequences. A new study [4] from researchers at Harvard offers perhaps the most compelling evidence yet: Venture capitalists who have daughters are more likely to hire women to work at their firms and those more diverse firms see improved financial returns.”

Seems that Peck can’t decide whether dads with daughters really do believe in empowering women more than daughterless men. But she does take a double standard against Vice President Pence, who has two daughters.

“Raising a girl isn’t always a game-changer for men,” she opines. “No one would mistake Pence or President Donald Trump [5] for feminists. Yet it was at the urging of his daughter Ivanka that Trump included a paid parental leave policy as part of his draconian budget proposal last month. He’s the first Republican president ever to propose such a measure. On the flip side, his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, the father of two girls, was the first president to actually, explicitly call himself a feminist.”