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HuffPost contributor Peter Emerson echoed a previous MSNBC guest when he attacked President Trump for family members’ involvement in the Trump administration.

“With the departure of Hope Hicks, this is is a wholly owned family enterprise now,” Emerson said on MSNBC. “Trump has declared himself emperor no-longer-in-waiting, but in action. So consequently, it’s perfectly possible that Ivanka could be held with a portfolio for infrastructure. What we’ll want to see in a couple of months is to see the contractors who benefit from the relationship with the Trump family, just as we’ve begun to see all of these various conflicts of interest, whether it’s Scott Pruitt and energy lobbyists and an apartment. The list goes on and on and on.”

Yet Emerson didn’t acknowledge his double standard on the Trumps when family involvement was common among the Kennedys, Bushes and the Clinton families.

Trump isn’t using his office to enrich himself from a personal salary and has instead gifted the quarterly installment to a government entity, as USA Today reports, including the Transportation Department for infrastructure, the National Park Service for battlefield infrastructure, the Department of Education to fund a summer camp and the Department of Health and Human Services to battle the opioid crisis.

“To even suggest that Donald Trump and his family in any way remotely, remotely can be identified with the Kennedy family and the public service they gave and the two brothers who were murdered,” Emerson continued on MSNBC. “We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary, and also the fact — Bobby Kennedy was an attorney general, advising the president.”

But I pointed out to Emerson that many observers, including the New York Times, said Bobby Kennedy was unqualified for that role. Yet now writers like Emerson have forgotten history and lionize presidential families, except the Trumps, for their shared service and sacrifice.

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